Rumpus Party Town
1, 2, 14, 15?

1: What was your first cosplay?
Kanaya, like two years ago. It was super shitty and i did it for halloween and i wore it to school and omg, regret.

2: Favorite thing to cosplay?
I really love my horuss. Either him or jade. But generally, i dunno. Homestuck is just a comfortable cosplay thing for me.

14: List all of your cosplays.
~in order~
Kanaya Maryam
Vriska Serket
Horuss Zahhak ( normal and godtier )
Meenah Piexes
John Egbert
Rose Lalonde
Dave Strider
Dirk Strider
Peregrine Mendicant
Jade Harley ( fancy god tier )
Aradia Megido
Anthy Himemiya ( casual rose bride bullshit i put together that con morning )

15: Are you currently working on something?
Kinda working on an actual rose bride dress for anthy. The one from the adolescence of utena movie. Going very slowly.
Kinda also working on a brs nepeta. Also very very slowly.
About to possibly begin in the next week, either Nezumi from no. 6, or Karako Koshio from deadman wonderland. Thats pretty much it. Not too much goin on.

( thank you darling for the ask, :***** )


blinks to covered mistakes (._. ;;;;;;)


blinks to covered mistakes (._. ;;;;;;)




a roadtrip where you get to see all the friends youve made online

what about your friends overseas?


1: What was your first cosplay?
2: Favorite thing to cosplay?
3: Have you ever been in a panel at a convention?
4: How many people do you think you met because of cosplaying?
5: What do you think makes a 'good cosplay'?
6: Have a cosplay blog?
7: Ever done a group cosplay?
8: Couple's cosplay?
9: When did you start cosplaying?
10: Would you consider yourself good at cosplaying?
11: Which cosplay took you the longest time to make?
12: Shortest time to make?
13: Do you like Genderbent/AU cosplays?
14: List all of your cosplays.
15: Are you currently working on something?
16: Would you, if given the chance, cosplay at school/work?
17: Do any of your IRL friends cosplay?
18: What does your family think of it?
19: Do you consider cosplay an art?
20: Have you ever had to get help with a cosplay?
21: Least favorite thing to cosplay?
22: Ever been in a cosplay contest?
23: First con that you cosplayed at?
24: What's your definition of 'cosplay'?
25: Favorite tumblr cosplay ask blog?
26: Ever cosplay an inanimate object?
27: Who is your cosplay headcanon of your favorite character?
28: What is your 'Cosplay First Aid Kit' (what you use to repair a cosplay)?
29: Would you go pro?
30: Who is your favorite professional cosplayer?


Fuck up your sleeping schedule with me so i know it’s real. 



how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.

like isn’t just like having sex idgi?

This sounds like a Mitt Romney diary entry.

Korra Jade Harley Nepeta Kanaya

I’ve done jade and kanaya, i almost did nep ehehe.
Never thought of korra.
Hmm :3

(Thankyou for actually giving me a list, i love you.)


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come


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when someone associates you with a character you really really love it’s like the best feeling in the world everyone go home

how to become my friend: reply to my text posts with random shit


I want people to know I’m queer but I don’t want to tell people I’m queer you see my problem